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Landscape of Prespes Lakes

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks"   John Muir

people walking in a trail

social cooperative enterprise:

Wildlife and Culture

Prespa Lakes region has been proving for centuries that it can host different cultures and civilizations. It manages to harmonize its wildlife with the life of people, embracing these two sides with its particularly unique positive energy.

lounge with a fireplace
room with a fireplace

Your house 
in the countryside

Your stay in traditional stone houses 

will help you to expel the stress , relax and harmonize with the positive energy of the area.

You can combine Rooms and Activities.

This way you can eliminate the stress of creating

a daily schedule and you will give us the chance to offer you a complete experience!



There is large variety of activities for you to participate in the national park of Prespes . Getting in contact with the wildlife and participating in cultural workshops will give you experiences to remember for a long time.

man bakeing bread at a outdoor fireplace
Natural wash #pastforfuture #watermill #
This is for real #greece #lake #prespes


National Park

3 countries , 2 lakes and mountains high up to 2.000 meters.

272 bird species , more than 1.500 species of plants , 9 endemic lake fishes , 60 mammal species and much more are part of the natural wealth of the area .


 when we think of the word "hospitality",

pictures of friends and family come up in our minds.

Be our Guest.

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