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Ecotourism Activities

The S.C.O. Wildlife and Culture organizes ecotourism activities that have to do with humans and their contact with nature, contribution to environmental protection, sustainable development, respect for the region's culture and local development. Our proposals for activities and cultural workshops do not stop. Each season brings new ideas and each visitor has different needs and desires. Good knowledge of the area of Prespes gives us the opportunity to implement various ideas and suggestions of our visitors.

Your experiences will remain forever engraved in your memory!

Combine Activities and Rooms and get special offers!



in Nature

The wildlife of Prespes National Park has many hidden sides. If you just want to enjoy the view from 2.000 meters height or if the instinct of discovery makes you want to lose yourself in the woods and discover a lot more, then you have come to the right place.

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Prespa Lakes are situated in the heart of Balkans and they are the link for the trination of Greece, Albania and North Macedonia. Cultural Stories from three different countries and places to visit, that each one has to offer you something different.

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Agios Germanos 


The Traditional Watermill of Agios Germanos has its doors open for everyone. At your visit there you can learn how to wash woolen rags in the fulling and how to make flour in the flour mill. The flour becomes dough and the dough is slowly baked in the stone stove and becomes bread.

Local Gastronomy



Western Greek Macedonia is famous for its high quality gastronomy. Visits to local restaurants and wineries will take you to the world of flavors.

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The contact with nature is the best technique for relaxation ,it creates positive energy and thinking. Moments of meditation, group psychotherapy and other mental relaxation techniques are organized by specialists.


Truffle and Mushroom hunting

Live the experience of the truffle and mushroomm hunting in the National park of Prepses.

Hidden paths in the wildlife of the area, acquaintance and tasting of wild truffles and mushrooms.


Recycling and

Zero Waste

Recycling combined with the zero waste culture are  important ways to protect our environment. Here with us you will learn various recycling and reducing waste techniques and ways to leave a positive footprint to the nature.



Your Visit

Express what you would like to do during your visit or what your hobby is, and we will get to organize everything about it. We provide transportation, hosting, organization of your plans based on your hobby requirements, and guide tours in the area of Prespa.




Guiding tours

With our Van, we organize daily guide tours up to 6 people with pick up from nearby areas. These tours can have guiding and educational character, or we can adjust them to your needs and desires.

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