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Van Stories

Our 9-seat Van is a service combined with the few-day stays in our hostel for the various ecotourism activities taking place in the Prespa National Park. Also, it is used for your transfer to our hostel from the city you live in either from the Bus Station , the railway station or the airports of Kastoria and Thessaloniki.

It is also used for daily thematic tours and guided tours in the area.

In addition to our suggestions, we look forward to hearing yours and finding a way to implement them as it is possible to carry any kind of equipment (bicycles, ski, snowboard , mountaineering equipment etc.) in order to carry out the action you want!

If you try to arrange a Road Trip with your company, get in touch with us and learn our suggestions for northern Greece or give your own ones.

Our Van with its driver is at your services and it can take you to wherever you wish!

Have a seat, relax and enjoy the ride!

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