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A Unique Stay with Us

Reading the environmental policy of our company and especially of the Guest House that we manage at the moment, everyone can understand the importance we give to details and how staying in our space is a special experience.

Working with great respect for Nature, the local culture and our visitors, we create cycles of positive interaction between the three, with the ultimate goal of creating a complete, unique experience:

Our visitor to see, taste, hear, smell and feel the place, its magic and its special character, always with a view to minimizing the burden on the environment, strengthening the local economy and at the same time highlighting and promoting local cultural and consumer products. Our intention is, completing his experience with us, to take with him thoughts and positive reflections for a better everyday life.

As part of this approach, we would like to share with you the individual applications more specifically:

For breakfast we choose to follow the philosophy of slow food and zero km food. Village pies and bread, made by our hands, herbal teas of local herbs, are regularly prepared in the Guest House, while in collaboration with local producers we supply for the breakfast table, goodies, such as local soft cheese anivato and seasonal fruit jams.

For the individual treatment of our guests, we prepare hand soap from green soap and mountain tea, while the shampoo and shower gel are made in Greece based on honey. Also, through our new partnership with Ecothing, we give guests the opportunity to procure and try selected ecological personal care products during their stay.

For the cleaning of the Guest House we choose to use certified cleaning products, friendly to the environment and man.

In the context of eco living, we recycle and reuse items, avoiding single use plastic containers in both cleaners and food, buying them in large packages or in bulk. At the same time we have special bins encouraging visitors to recycle and compost.

Staying with us has so many pleasant surprises and so many alternatives that none of your visits will be the same.

To be informed about the latest and our individual actions follow us on facebook & instagram

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