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First Experiential workshop for Natural Farming and self-sufficiency In Prespa National Park

The S.C.E Wildlife and Culture in collaboration with Panagiotis Manikis and the Center for Natural Farming, on October 8 and 9, opens its new farm in Prespes for the first time, for a two-day Workshop on Natural Farming and the preparation of clay seed balls for sowing all kinds of seeds .

There will be a discussion with the Natural Farmer Panagiotis Manikis about Natural Farmingand how it can help us reach self-sufficiency.

We will make and sow pellets with a variety of green manure, grain and fruit tree seeds.

Finally, there will be an open discussion with all interested farmers and non-farmers, on various issues related to crops.

Entrance is free

See related videos on the YouTube channel of the Natural Cultivation Center!

Workshop Program:

Saturday 08 October


Meeting at the Farm and getting to know each other.

Speech by the Natural Grower Panagiotis Manikis on the planning and organization of the farm based on the principles of Natural Farming and then preparation and sowing of clay ceed balls.

Discussion about the vegetable garden.



Meeting at the Old Town Hall. Video and discussion about Natural Farming.

Sunday 09 October


Meeting at the Farm.

Discussion on fruit trees and their correct configuration.



Reference to the positives of Natural Farming and how it can lead us to self-sufficiency.

Open discussion with farmers, small farmers, amateur growers and all those interested in Natural farming.

The workshop is supported by the POLPRESPA program

Co-organized by the Municipality of Prespa

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