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Prespes..... A Unique destination.

We often say that Prespa Region is a unique destination.

That it is an area where you can not compare with many others. On the contrary, many travelers who visit it find common things with places they have visited


Is this true or because we are her "children", we see her through a romantic look?

It's time to ask more people and find out.

Think hard and try to remember from your own experiences, you can even search in books or in google and then try to write the name of a place similar to what Prespes

  • Have a similar landscape.

  • To have a similar ecological value.

  • Similar ecosystem.

  • Similar quantities of wild animals in number of species and individuals.

  • Uniqueness in animal and plant species.

  • To be able to find about 1800 species of plants of the approximately 6000 located all around Greece.

  • History.

  • Lake divided into three nations.

  • 4 seasons.

If you have not visited Prespes, take a look at the video below.

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