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Prespes National Park

The most likely origin of the name "Prespa" comes from the Latin "praesepe" which means “manger”, as the lakes are in the middle of a basin that hosts a vast wealth of wildlife.

The lakes are considered to be one of the most important biotopes in Europe.

Mikri and Megali Prespa are situated at an altitude of 850 meters.

3 countries, 2 lakes and mountains whose peaks reach the 2.000 meters height.272 species of birds are hosted in the area and the

largest colony of dalmatian pelicans lives and breed among them. There are about 1.200 pairs and almost 500 pairs of the great white pelican. It is the only area in Europe that breeds both species in such large numbers. Over 1.500 species of plants, 9 endemic freshwater species, 60 mammal species, such as bears, wolves, deer and much more are part of the natural wealth of the area.The area of the National Park measures 195 sq. km. of which 82 sq. km. are covered by the Lakes’ water.


By Airplane

There are 4 airports you can choose to approach us.

1. If you travel from Athens choose "Aristotele" Airport (KSO).It is situated in the city of Kastoria, only 53 km away from Prespa lakes .

2. Thessaloniki's Airport (SKG) is 240 km away.

3. Albania's (TIA) airport is 225 km away.

4. FYROM's (SKP) airport is 251 km away.

You can always call us to pick you up from all 4 airports with our mini van

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By Train

In the city of Florina there is a railway station which is just 54 km away from Prespa lakes. The train connects Florina with lines from Athens and Thessaloniki.

You can always call us to pick you up from the railway station with our mini van


By Bus

The city Florina is 54 km away from Prespa lakes and the city Kastoria is 53 km.Both cities have bus KTEL stations and are connected almost with all the cities of Greece.

You can always call us to pick you up from the railway station with our mini van



Shuttle service with Mini Van

Our 9 seater Van is combined with the few-day packages in our guesthouse and we use it for the various ecotourism activities we organize in Prespes National Park. It is also used for day trips or as a shuttle service to our guesthouse from the city you live in Greece either from the  bus station and railway stations or from the airports of Kastoria ,Thessaloniki , Albania and FYROM .

Have a seat , relax and enjoy the ride!

Do not hesitate to contact us and find out our offers for shuttle service van

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Have't found your way to Prespes?

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Prespes National Park is located between Florina and Kastoria. These two cities are connected with bus lines (KTEL) from almost all over Greece. In Florina there is a railway station and in Kastoria there is the "Aristotele" airport. Either way you reach these cities, you will need a car to get to Prespes.

Visiting packages up to 8 people include pick up from these 2 cities

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