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Environmental Policy

In the context of respect for the environment, S.C.E. Wildlife and Culture, from 2019 takes care to comply with the rules and practices to ensure a better tomorrow for us and our children. This is a complex and time consuming process and below we present just a few of our practices, which are part of a more general philosophy and continuous effort.


To save energy, LED technology lamps have been installed in all areas we use.

The use of disposable plastic has been reduced to zero with the following practices:

  • There is no use of disposable plastics and general products in packaging plastics in none of our activities.

  •  The straws offered for drinks are made of paper.

  • In cases where single use cups are needed, biodegradable ones are provided. It is recommended to use multipurpose glasses and there is the possibility of buying them direct from us.


Uses natural personal hygiene products:

  • The hand soap we provide after any activity is handmade, made by members of our team and consists of green soap, mountain tea, water and essential oil.


All detergents are tested, certified and environmentally friendly and human friendly.


Whichever meals are offered are based on the Zerokm Food philosophy. The phrase means that products have not traveled much or literally that they have traveled "zero kilometers" before reaching our table. This philosophy in food not only ensures their freshness and at the same time embraces local identity, but also minimizes the environmental impact of production and reduces carbon emissions from their transport.



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