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Our Mission is the local and community interest of Prespa lakes area

Hosted in Prespa (as the locals call it), in harmony with the environment and the immense hospitality, we open the doors of our houses in order for you to meet and get accustomed to the local routine. The experience of the contact with the landscape, the colors, the sounds, the smells and the flavors of the area, will awaken your will to participate and continue to communicate this peculiar, open-minded culture to everyone.Our goal and vision, except the promotion of the Prespa National Park and local products through ecotourism, is the creation of voluntary actions to protect the environment and save the region's culture.

Through our own journey we have discovered that being active, searching, falling down and standing up again brings you closer to yourself and the image of what you want to do in your life, becomes clear.

We want to present our own point of view of a daily routine with more questionings and less stress.

Our activities come from our routine in the region and are made in a way to create questionings .They challenge the participants in a positive way to participate in a lot of common issues.

The search for new ideas and proposals from our visitors or the enrichment of ours is the reason why we have our doors open.

One knows fewer than many and together we can do more than one.

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