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For the environment, you and those around you

Would you change 3 habits to offer to yourself, those around you and to the environment?

Are you ready for some changes? We are suggesting 3 easy steps!!

1) If so far you have not managed to go out in your neighborhood and notice what exactly is around .... it is time to do it. You may discover a park, a square or realize that the mountain you see from your balcony is closer than you thought. Finally, doing a research on what shops are near you you can find a shop with seasonal vegetables and fruits, a grocery store with traditional products or a small shop with accessories for your everyday life!

  • What are the benefits for you? You could now do sports or take a short walk in the mountains much easier and faster than you thought until now and you could definitely do your daily shopping coming home from work or returning home with your kids from school .

  • For those around you. More walking means exercise and more time for yourself for the short breaks that you may need from busy and stressful days. Do not forget that by doing your daily shopping from your neighborhood, you strengthen the local market.

  • For the environment. You do not need to use your car so often, which means you will reduce emissions.

2) Last year due to the general lock down we all spent more time at home. Many of us discovered things we did not remember having, while many of us discovered things we did not even know we had.

We all go through phases and buy things that we do not need and do not use. They end up taking up space in our house and nothing else.

It's time to donate, donate or even sell some of them.

  • What are the benefits for you? More space for yourself at home and for the things you really need. Economy but also profit from what you can sell and most important, you will recognize what you need most so you may manage not to make unnecessary purchases.

  • For those around you. We live in difficult times and we all know that something that is not useful to us may be necessary to someone else. Find people in your neighborhood or organizations that collect useful things and donate clothes you do not wear, furniture and anything else you do not use.

  • For the environment. When we recycle or upcycle our things in one of the above ways we contribute to not making more waste and of course not to use unnecessary materials such as wood to create new furniture.

3) So if you found the park near your house and started taking walks and now that you have empty corners in your house, it is time to get your own plants. Flowers, aromatic plants or small vegetables will fill your personal space with colors and scents.

  • What are the benefits for you? Nature will teach you consistency as you will learn when your plants need the simple and basic elements to grow, light and water. You will want to be there to offer them, to see them grow and how they behave. You will be able to understand how nature works and how you can participate in it with your little stone. Your walks in the mountains will become more interesting since you will now begin to see and understand what is happening around you.

  • For those around you. Set a good example to your family and friends. Get them various plants as a gift and explain to them how to take care of them. Do not forget to tell them about your own experience with nature.

  • For the environment. Taking care of these small plants you will feel the connection with nature, you will begin to understand it and guess ...

The journey with nature will start somewhere there, it is endless and has no destination.

will offer you much more than you expected ...

Shall we go?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more ideas or tips.

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