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Our Eco Food Truck !!

The Food Truck of S.C.E. Wildlife and Culture is here, giving fresh flavors from Prespa area through creations inspired by local products.

Wanting to promote the local food culture of Prespa, which is famous for its high nutritional value products as well as for the wide variety of wild fruits, vegetables and nuts, we brought into the family of S.C.E Wildlife and Culture the Food Truck. Through her tiny kitchen we share our passion for good, homemade and handmade food.

So this year at Christmas we dressed it up with lights and ornaments, we sourced local products such as apples, walnuts, pumpkins, honey, chestnuts, wine from the Amyntaio area and prepared a festive menu to welcome the guests.

We made apple pie and pecan pie, Christmas cookies, served pumpkin velouté soup and Gluhwine.

We were very happy to see the guests loving what we had prepared for them and coming, sitting with us around the fire and sharing various stories from their visit to Prespes.

The Food Truck operates seasonally and many times in a different place within the Prespa Area.

If you want to stay updated on where and when you can follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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